Nottingham City Update

Exciting times for Nottingham according to City representatives

NPS held their annual Nottingham City Update event on Thursday 26th September 2019 at Loxley House, the home of Nottingham City Council.

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Invest In Nottingham Club – Rebranded!

Invest in Nottingham Club has gone through a re-branding. The new name is Nottingham Means Business and accurately reflects the aim of the club....

Celebrating the Future Of Nottingham – Gallery

Celebrating the Future of Nottingham!

Over 70 people, representing the professional services industry, arrived bright and early at The Nottingham Contemporary for Nottingham Professional Services’ second event. Councillor Nick...


BUSINESS LEADERS and entrepreneurs in Nottingham are invited to a free event designed to offer top-class advice about pursuing trade opportunities in Germany. The...

New funding secured to boost skills development for Nottingham’s Enterprise Zone

The money, ring-fenced by central government to support the skills needs of the employers on Nottingham’s Enterprise Zone will aid new and existing businesses...

Made in Nottingham – Photo Gallery

Made In Nottingham – 1st NPS event – SOLD OUT!

At 6pm Nottingham’s business professionals – Leaders and Future stars – came together at Experian to attend the NPS launch event entitled – Made...

Past Event Information – Made in Nottinghamshire!

This section will soon feature information from past events including video if the event has been recorded and photographs.

Made In Nottingham – Introducing our 2nd speaker Chinook Energy

The process of gasification provides a foundation upon which waste management technologies can transform discarded waste materials into energy and fuel. With over 13...