Why Nottingham Andrew Hunt

Why Nottingham? Nottingham stalwart, Andrew Hunt, gives his verdict

In our May edition of the hugely popular “Why Nottingham” series, NPS chats to Andrew Hunt, Commercial Finance Consultant, at Sterling Capital Reserve Limited.

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Past Event Information – Made in Nottinghamshire!

This section will soon feature information from past events including video if the event has been recorded and photographs.

Made In Nottingham – Introducing our 2nd speaker Chinook Energy

The process of gasification provides a foundation upon which waste management technologies can transform discarded waste materials into energy and fuel. With over 13...

Made In Nottingham – 5th company now confirmed

We are extremely pleased to also have Romax Technology present; Romax is the world’s leading provider of advanced simulation technologies, design expertise and consulting...

Made In Nottingham – Past, Current & Future

Please follow the link to book your ticket for the first NPS event where you will hear from 4 companies, Boots, Experian, Chinook &...