Why Nottingham | Alex Shacklock | theGrogroup

Why Nottingham? Alex Shacklock, theGrogroup

Alex Shacklock, Director at theGrogroup, gives us his honest assessment of the city in our latest feature of “Why Nottingham”

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Why Nottingham | Steve Britton

Why Nottingham? Steve Britton from Sills & Betteridge reveals all

Our July edition of “Why Nottingham” Comes from Sills & Betteridge Partner, Steve Britton, who is head of the Nottingham office and also is...

Why Nottingham | Andrew Hunt | Sterling Capital Reserve

Why Nottingham? Nottingham stalwart, Andrew Hunt, gives his verdict

In our May edition of the hugely popular “Why Nottingham” series, NPS chats to Andrew Hunt, Commercial Finance Consultant, at Sterling Capital Reserve Limited.

Why Nottingham Alistair Wesson

Why Nottingham? Alistair Wesson, Managing Partner at Mazars LLP

Alistair Wesson, Nottingham Office Managing Partner at Mazars LLP, gives us his story of working in Nottingham, the changes he’s seen over the past 37...

Why Nottingham | Mike Tuck | Richardson Hall Construction

Why Nottingham? Mike Tuck, Richardson Hall Construction

As one of our featured articles this month, we sit down with Richardson Hall Construction, Director, Mike Tuck to find out why he loves...

Why Nottingham | Nick Sanderson | RammSanderson

Why Nottingham? Nick Sanderson, Director at RammSanderson Ecology

For our April feature of “Why Nottingham”, we spoke to Nick Sanderson, Director of RammSanderon, who gave us his thoughts on the good, the...

Why Nottingham | Amanda Fletcher

Why Nottingham? Amanda Fletcher, Managing Director, The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club

Social distancing policies might be curtailing face to face meetings and networking events but this still won’t stop us from publishing our popular “Why...

Why Nottingham Wes Hodelin

Why Nottingham? Wesley Hodelin provides his opinion

In our second Why Nottingham feature for 2020, we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Wesley Hodelin, former NPS Futures committee member...

Why Nottingham Kirin Abbas

Why Nottingham? Kirin Abbas gives us her perspective

In the first “Why Nottingham” piece of 2020, we sit down with Kirin Abbas, corporate immigration lawyer and founding director of Paragon Law.

Nottingham Professional Services

NPS kick starts the decade with New Year Drinks Social

Nottingham Professional Services (NPS) the independent voice of Nottingham’s professional services sector, kick-started the new decade networking scene this week with its annual drinks...