Exciting times for Nottingham according to City representatives

Exciting times lay ahead for Nottingham according to leading figures from within the City Council and Marketing NG, who spoke at the annual Nottingham Professional Services (NPS) City Update event on Thursday 26th September 2019.

Held at Loxley House, Nottingham City Council’s, head office, over 50 attendees from Nottingham’s professional services community attended the event to gain further insight into the developments that are planned to take place in and around the city, as well as the wider East Midlands region.

Speaking first on behalf of Nottingham City Council, Chris Henning, Corporate Director for Development and Growth addressed the audience about the transformation happening within the City.

Chris began by highlighting the broader economic challenges facing cities in the UK, noting that tougher trading conditions, and uncertainty surrounding Brexit, were the key issues surrounding development and growth within the region.

Highlighting the Council’s city centre strategy to address key issues, Chris described a decline in footfall, a lack of residential housing and grade A office space as the main challenges the city was facing.

Chris also presented a map of the developments in Nottingham, showcasing those which have been completed, those which are underway and others in various earlier stages of planning – demonstrating the huge scale of the transformation planned for the city.

Nottingham Southside Regeneration

There was a target in place to provide 4000 new residential homes through schemes such as the Waterside project and that through £2bn investment in the Southside regeneration, this would help generate footfall, activity, and interest in the area thanks to all of the new facilities being built.

Finishing his presentation, Chris said that Nottingham was working hard to give people reasons to “live, work, socialise and learn” within the City and hopefully that was being demonstrated by the construction works taking place.

He added that Nottingham had a goal of being the first UK city to be Net Carbon Zero by 2028, and that investment in renewal energy was high on the agenda for the City Council.

Next up to speak to the audience was Paul Southby, who spoke about his role as Chair of Marketing NG and the different entities that were part of the Marketing NG brand (Invest in Notts, Visit Nottinghamshire & Nottingham Partners.)

Paul’s presentation focussed specifically on the work the Invest in Nottingham team does in order to attract inward investment from outside the region.

He gave a step by step guide as to the kind of report that is created for potential investors, looking to invest in Nottingham. The report outlined such things as suitable venues, transport and infrastructure links, proximity of top of class universities to attract the best employees and social attractions such as sporting venues.

A Q&A brought the event to a close, with a number of questions being asked by the audience looking to gain added insight from the speakers.

Commenting on the breakfast seminar, NPS Vice Chair, Andrew Springhall said “This was a fantastic event, which I hope answered a lot of the questions that some of the audience might have concerning the future of our City. We had some of the most influential people from within the City’s professional services community in attendance, so hopefully what they’ve heard will start to trickle down the pipeline and continue to spread the good news about what developments are planned and their timescales for completion.”